Empty Road Audio Recording Studio

Victor Goizueta-Owner, Producer, and Engineer

Getting to know your future audio engineer 

My name is Victor Goizueta. I’m a recording, mixing, mastering, and live sound engineer from Miami, Florida. My life-time love since childhood has been music, and as I grew into adulthood, it evolved into a love for the production and engineering aspect of it. It is hard but fulfilling work, thus I consider every piece of my work an extension of myself and a representation of my best talents. My goal now as an engineer is to make sure that the vision of the artist I work with comes to life.

As a freelancer for world class audio companies, I have worked with state of the art equipment and with some of the best audio engineers in my field.  I have been able to learn from them and adapt their techniques into my own style. When I work with an artist, I adapt these learned techniques to achieve the particular style they want. Over time, I have built up techniques that are effective for me and effective for certain genres. Much of my work is also done by instinct of what will deliver the best product for the artist. 

With a growing passion, I wanted to open up my audio services to the public. Thus I started my own recording studio, Empty Road Audio. There I work with various artists and bands of all different musical styles. I even began to do something that I never thought I would do: Sound design for films. I continue to learn new techniques, to experiment, and above all, enjoy everything that I do with my craft. 

Random facts about me


  • I am a Avid Pro Tools Certified User

  • I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a concentration on music production and business 

  • I received guidance from one of my mentors Dr. Ed Calle a well-known professor and musician in my field, who inspired my passion in audio engineering

  • My specialty is in live sound and recording, but also have significant experience in sound design and field recording

  • I have my own unique mixing style that I have adapted throughout my career from some of the top audio engineers in the field

  • Every day I work to add to my expertise in order to better suit the needs of my clients

  • I previously was a audio engineer on Barbra Streisand: The Music, The Mem'ries, The Magic tour 2016

  • I previously was a audio engineer on the Julio Iglesias World Tour, 2013-2016

  • I have traveled to over 40 countries around the world.

  • I have a Boston Terrier named Chespidito and love dogs

  • I love what I do and to make my clients happy with their projects. It is my top priority.


Victor Goizueta
(305) 213-5619