Using The Surface Pro 4 with Pro Tools

Hello Everybody,

I thought I would make a quick video on using my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8GB, 256 SSD) running Pro Tools 11. I was looking for a mobile solution to basically bring my recording studio with me and not have to use a mouse to mix or bring along a control surface.

When it came to the mixing, i like how responsive the faders where to the movement of the pen, and loved how easy it was to make changes. It is an enhancement of the touchscreen control surface. In terms of how many plug ins I can use in a session, I haven't gotten the dreaded computer "out of power" pop up yet, so I think I'm in pretty good hands. 

Overall I found mixing with the surface pen to be really useful and being able to control some of my plugins (not my Waves plugins) was a plus.

Thanks to Dueling Mixes for proving me the track. (“100” by Javie)

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