The 3 Microphones You Have to Own

Hello Everybody,

Last week I wrote about the 5 Plug-ins I can't live without. This week I thought I'd share with you the 3 microphones that you HAVE to own.

So, if you are looking at purchasing some microphones or wondering which microphones you should start your collection with,  here are my top 3 microphone recommendations.

1. ETL Edwina

etl edwina microphone

This is the newest microphone in my collection and boy, do I feel horrible that I didn't discover this mic earlier. As you can tell from the photo above, the mic looks beautiful and it sounds just as amazing as it looks. I discovered this through a gig I was on and when the artist brought out this microphone, it was love at first sight.

I was expecting this microphone to cost over $1000, but to my surprise it cost only $499 (given what you're getting and the style, I thought that was a doable price).  You can also personalize it like I did. All of these mics are hand made in Portland, Oregon. I love this on vocals as well as on my guitar cabinets. This mic is going to be a mainstay on my vocal and guitar recordings. The Edwina has it own signature sound to which I have yet to find anything sounding bad going though it. It's clear, it's bright, and it sounds amazing. 

2. EV RE320

If you need some body in your vocals, guitar, kick drum, or anything else this is the microphone. The younger brother of the fabulous EV RE20, this mic takes what we all love about the RE20 and makes it better. When using this on a vocalist with a deep sounding voice, it will help bring out the body in the voice. The same for the kick drum. I like to mic the outside of the kick with this mic and using another mic, Shure Beta 91a, for the inside of the kick drum.
But what I like to use this on the most are my guitar cabinets. In use with the ETL Edwina, you can blend the 2 microphones together to get the desired sound from your guitar. You have the nice, clean and bright Edwina then you have the darker, warmer RE320, It's the perfect combination. Also, it is more affordable than the Edwina at $299.

3. Shure SM57

shure sm57

There are no words to describe this. This mic is a workhorse and an industry standard. You can use this on anything and it will sound good. Not to mention these are built like tanks. If you're able to break one you should get an award because in all my experience I probably have seen, at most, one broken SM57. Do yourself a favor and buy this mic, it is only $99 and will last you forever AND sound good no matter what.

So there you have it: THE 3 microphones you have to own. Please feel free to throw in your suggestions in the comments below.


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