Berklee Online: Mixing and Mastering with Protools review

Hello Everybody,

For today's blog post I would like to share my thoughts so far on the Berklee online music production degree experience. I just finished taking a course called Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools  (OMPRD-380) and I can easily say that taking that class was the best thing I could have done to help improve my mixing and mastering techniques.

How the class worked was every week we learned about a new technique. Like one week we learned about EQ, then next week we learned about dynamics, then about parallel compression, so on and so fourth.  Then we spent the last three weeks working on mastering. 

Having someone personally critique what you do to your mix is a really great help and my professor was very thorough with his critique of my mixing and mastering. Another great thing was, my professor was not "pushy" about his critiques. He would focus on giving me suggestions to try out, and only critique on genuine errors. That being said, I would consistently receive A's on my assignments but yet he would write a one page response to my mixing and mastering, giving me plenty of tips to try and improve the mix. He was impressively thorough in his analysis.

Now the big question is, would I recommended this to someone who wants to improve their mixing and mastering techniques? The answer is definitely YES. I can easily say that everything I learned I will use in in my recording studio and especially in my Online Mixing and Mastering services. So, if you're serious about improving your mixing and mastering techniques, I say, without a doubt, look into this Berklee online class.

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