Dueling Mixes-6 Months in

Hello everybody,

In a recent blog post I talked about the best additions to my recording studio in 2015. I thought I would share my impressions and go a bit deeper on one of them:  DuelingMixes.com.

If you do not know what Dueling Mixes is, it’s basically a website where two guys mix a song and they provide the individual tracks for the song so you could mix it yourself. On top of that, they provide videos on what they did to their own version of the mixed song.

It is run by Graham from the TheRecordingRevolution.com and Joe from HomeStudioCorner.com. What they have done is something truly special; Not only do you get multi-tracks to practice on and use in your portfolio, but you also see what they did to their songs while they were mixing them. Also the tracks they provide are not some low quality cheap recordings: you can tell all of these songs where recorded at a professional recording studio.

During their videos they go though the most important parts of their mixes and then, most importantly, they tell you why they decided to do that. So in the end you have two different people mixing the same song and using different techniques to get different sounds. I think this is the most important part because you can develop your own mixing technique based on what you like about the different sounds achieved. On top of that, you can vote on which mix you like most on the website, so it adds a little sense of community and feedback.

Going further into this, the forum is awesome because you can have other professionals critic your mixes, further improving your audio mixing skills and discussing mixing techniques. Personally I have felt that after joining Dueling Mixes, my mixing has improved and my audio mastering techniques have changed for the better. Now I can take the tracks I mixed and practice my mastering skills on it.

Although there is a membership fee, with everything that you get from Dueling Mixes, I think that it is well worth the $27 per month. If you are serious about mastering your skills, this is a great way to do it. 

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