Benefits of Using an Online Recording Studio

The music industry is in a state of flux right now. The process of recording music is completely different from what it was 20- even 5 years ago. Had someone mentioned online mixing and mastering back then, they probably would've been baker-acted. Just kidding (not really).

But either way, TODAY that is not the case. Today, you can literally mix and master whole records online without ever having to lift your head from your pillow! And that is just one benefit to online mixing and mastering in an online recording studio. Here are the top 5 benefits to using an online music studio:

1. The Convenience

Let’s face it, you have bills to pay, which means as much as you love your music, you’ve got to hold down the fort with a day job until the passion pays. That's ok. We all have to do it. Work with what you’ve got and make the most of your already tight schedule by using online mixing and mastering! Here at Empty Road Audio, they offer a wide variety of online mixing and mastering services in the simplest process possible. You click a link, provide contact info, upload your music, and in a rapid turn-around time, you’ll get a sample with a week’s worth of revisions before you even commit to buying! And the best part is, all this can happen from your work desktop!

2. Affordability

Let me tell you a small known fact: Because you’re skipping out on the studio time, you save a lot of money on what most music studios normally make the most of their money from! You may ask, so why does Empty Road Audio offer online services? Because it is cheaper for the client, more convenient, and the studio is up to date with the times and the direction the industry is headed in: providing online services. Many studios use an hourly-rate when a client is in the studio, almost like a lawyer charges by the hour. Empty Road Audio excludes this hourly-rate and gives you cheaper rates in fixed amounts even on their online services, so you don’t ever have to guess how much anything will cost.

 3. Location doesn’t limit your options

Thanks to technology, you no longer have to live in the same place as the recording studio of your choosing to make an album with them! If they offer online mixing and mastering, you can utilize their services. Some studios specialize in certain genres, styles, they have different reputations, different connections to the industry. Online mixing/mastering services practically eliminate any barriers to entry in this regard.

 4. You can “sample” different studios at once

If there are multiple studios you have been eyeing, but wish to decide based on the end product, through online mixing & mastering you can sample your music across these different studios and choose the right fit. Remember, every engineer brings a different taste and style to your music. I suggest using the same song to allow an easier comparison. Just make sure the studio offers samples and revisions prior to sending over your product! At Empty Road Audio, you guessed it: They do! That AND they don’t push any buying decisions upon you. They believe their product will do the talking.

 5. The end product is the exact same quality as if you had actually been there

The same equipment, techniques, and just about EVERYTHING is used the same way on an online product as a product produced in person. That being said, what greatly affects the final product when you online mix and master is the quality of the recordings you provide. Even a skilled engineer cannot unscramble eggs and put them back in the shell. So Make sure that if you go this route, you have very good recordings already! The end result will shine because of it!

Online mixing and mastering could be exactly the service you are looking for to finish your EP or album. If the above benefits spoke to you, try it out for free with a sample or book a session now with Empty Road Audio!

This article was written by Molly Irizarry.

Molly Irizarry

My name is Molly and I created The Bodhi Archives in an effort to help others through sharing my own thoughts and advices. I love self-improvement and have loved it my entire life. Anything and everything goes, so long as it is meant to help others in a positive way! 

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