We offer Online mixing and mastering for artist outside of the South Florida area that want to experience the quality Mixing and Mastering. From any location across the globe, you can upload your material and have it mixed and mastered at Empty Road Audio at an affordable cost! Included are two weeks of revision after the first mix/mastered is sent to you.  So if there is any aspect of the final work that you prefer differently, email or call back with what you want changed and and it will be done. Because in the end it is YOUR music, and Empty Road Audio is a bridge to help achieve your artistic vision. Your satisfaction is the priority.

You can preview Empty Road Audio's Online Mixing & Mastering with your own music, free of charge! Upload your music to us and we will mix and/or master it, then send you a sample of your song, up to one minute. If you like it you can purchase the services and we will send you the full song.