Online Stem Mixing and Mastering at Empty Road Audio

Empty Road Audio Recording Studio

Empty Road Audio is a professional recording studio that functions also as an online studio where musicians can upload there music and have their songs mixed or mastered online. You will receive the same quality of mixing and mastering services that would receive from a local in-person professional recording studio.

Here at Empty Road Audio we have years of experience in mixing and mastering live and recorded music. We have professional quality Recording Equipment and use only the best plug-Ins like Waves, iZotope, Slate Digital, and more. We are also a Certified User of Pro Tools, the industry standard for recording software. You can rest assured that by using our online mixing or online mastering services, only the best is going into your product. 

We are happy to mix or master any genre of music, from acoustic to rock, country to alternative, pop to folk, and more. We custom tailor our mixes to suit your preferences, for example, by the genre of music you perform or what artists influence you. 


An online recording service offers the high fidelity and superior quality of a custom-mixed audio masterpiece combined with the convenience and speed of the Internet. Here at Empty Road Audio, we can make your online session sound as professional, polished and perfect as if you were in the studio for countless hours, honing your performance. More than an online recording studio, Empty Road Audio is a serious collaboration. Here’s how it works.


Go from ragged and rough to finished and fine. We can work from your notes about what you need done to the piece, then use your working audio files to pump up the quality, volume and richness of your music. You can preview Empty Road Audio's Online Mixing & Mastering with your own music, free of charge! Upload your music to us and we will mix and/or master it, then send you a sample of your song, up to one minute. If you like it you can purchase the services and we will send you the full song.


Once you send us your audio files, we arrange, record or produce the piece using professional-quality technology and production techniques. We can provide master tracks for many instruments.You get the full services of a recording studio, but in a convenient online package.


When ready, you can download the finished, professionally arranged song or master track. It is ready to go, whether you are using it as a demo tape or as finished audio for your next album, commercial or show.

Any Sound, Any Style

One common concern from musicians about trusting their work to recording studios online is the unpredictable quality of the finished product. By collaborating with Empty Road Audio, you are assured of the most polished, professional sound.

We can produce any music, in any style. Our passion is all music, not just a particular genre. From acoustic to rock, folk to funk, and polka to punk, we can mix or master any online file to match our customers’ needs, not our personal tastes.

We use the best recording equipment and plug-ins, like Waves, iZotope and Slate Digital; plus, we are a Certified User of Pro Tools, the accepted industry standard for recording software. Empty Road Audio is more than an online recording studio: We are audiophiles who want every singer, every musician and every group to sound their best.

Our online recording packages offer the speed and simplicity of the Internet, while also providing top notch music production services. 

Stem mixing is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix. 

Mastering is taking the final master mixes and unifying them into your album to give it a consistent sound from track to track and making it sound the same no matter the speakers. 

Online Stem-Mixing and Mastering Samples


"Spark" by Jaego and "Feel" Joe Gilder


"Hope" by Treva Blomquist and “6 Feet of Dirt” by Whitney Winkler

Before and After Stem Mixing & Mastering

To see what mixing and mastering can do to your music, check out the video below 


Song by Bad


The Process

  1.  Use the "Book now" Button below or email us at to find out about current turn around times and any questions you have.
  2. We will email you an invoice for the services you require (payable via Paypal, Credit card, or check
  3. Upon payment you will receive an upload link and instructions on how to prepare your music
  4. Sit back and relax as Empty Road Audio mix and master your music. You will receive regular updates on the progress of your mix and master.
  5. Once complete we will send you a private Sound cloud link, so you can listen to the mix and master and let us know of any changes you want. (more info below on our revision policy)
  6. Once you are satisfied your music will be delivered to you

Revision Policy

Included in the price are two weeks of revision after the first mix/mastered is sent to you.  So if there is any aspect of the final work that you prefer differently, email or call back with what you want changed and and it will be done. Because in the end it is YOUR music, and Empty Road Audio is a bridge to help achieve your artistic vision. Your satisfaction is the priority.

When can I get my Mixes and Masters?

Turn around times vary, but the average turnaround times are listed below. This is not including revision time.


  • Single Song =1 Days
  • EP = 1-2 Weeks
  • LP = 2-3 Weeks

Mixing & Mastering

  • Single Song = 1-2 Days
  • EP = 1.5-2.5 Weeks
  • LP= 2.5-3.5 Weeks