Empty Road Audio Recording Packages

Online Recording Packages

An online recording service offers the high fidelity and superior quality of a custom-mixed audio masterpiece combined with the convenience and speed of the Internet. Here at Empty Road Audio, we can make your online session sound as professional, polished and perfect as if you were in the studio for countless hours, honing your performance. More than an online recording studio, Empty Road Audio is a serious collaboration. Here’s how it works.

Step One: Upload Your Song

Go from ragged and rough to finished and fine. We can work from your notes about what you need done to the piece, then use your working audio files to pump up the quality, volume and richness of your music.

Step Two: Empty Road Carries the Load

Once you send us your audio file, we arrange, record or produce the piece using professional-quality technology and production techniques. We can provide master tracks for many instruments:

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboard

We can add in a brass section, string arrangement and more. You get the full services of a recording studio, but in a convenient online package.

Step Three: Download Your Song

When ready, you can download the finished, professionally arranged song or master track. It is ready to go, whether you are using it as a demo tape or as finished audio for your next album, commercial or show.

Any Sound, Any Style

One common concern from musicians about trusting their work to recording studios online is the unpredictable quality of the finished product. By collaborating with Empty Road Audio, you are assured of the most polished, professional sound.

We can produce any music, in any style. Our passion is all music, not just a particular genre. From acoustic to rock, folk to funk, and polka to punk, we can mix or master any online file to match our customers’ needs, not our personal tastes.

We use the best recording equipment and plug-ins, like Waves, iZotope and Slate Digital; plus, we are a Certified User of Pro Tools, the accepted industry standard for recording software. Empty Road Audio is more than an online recording studio: We are audiophiles who want every singer, every musician and every group to sound their best.

Our online recording packages offer the speed and simplicity of the Internet, while also providing top notch music production services. 

Studio Recording Packages

Empty Road Audio offers recording packages for artists who want to record either a EP, a full length LP, or release their first demo. All packages include studio time, mixing, and mastering. Empty Road Audio prides its self on having the latest in digital recording software and hardware, but also having the best analog outboard gear to give your recordings a vintage vibe if needed. 

LP Package

For bands who want an upcoming LP to sound like a major record label release. 


  • Up to 25 Hours of studio time
  • Up to 12 songs Mixed and Mastered

EP Package 

For bands that would like to have a professional sounding EP. 


  • Up to 12 hours of studio time
  • Up to 6 songs Mixed and Mastered 

Demo Package

For bands that want a professional sounding demo.


  • Up to 5 hours of studio time
  • Up to 3 songs Mixed and Mastered 

Singer-Songwriter Packages

Empty Road Audio offers special packages for singer songwriters looking to record a song or an album. Since the singer-songwriter doesn't require as much studio, mixing, or mastering time, we are able to offer special pricing to accommodate singer-songwriters. So you will be able to have your song or album recorded, mixed, mastered, and ready for release in a couple of days.

One Night, One Song Package 

For artist that would like to quickly record, mix and master one of there songs. 


  • One 4 hour block of recording
  • 1 song mixed and mastered 
  • Up to 2 instruments, and 3 vocals 

One day, One Album Package

For artist that would like to quickly record, mix and master there album and have it ready for release. 


  • One day of recording (14 hours max)
  • Up to 12 songs mixed and mastered
  • Up to 2 instruments, and 3 vocals per song 

Mixing & Mastering Package

For singer-songwriters that already recorded and would like there songs mix and mastered.